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The use of electromagnetic energy is intended to reduce pain.

  • Provant Therapy is delivered to your patient’s home.
  • A Patient Care Coordinator will call the patient; they will make sure the patient knows how to use the device, and have the supplies they need.
  • The system includes a durable device and disposable applicator covers.
  • The patient places the treatment pad directly against the area they are treating.
  • Patients self-treat every day, with morning and evening 30-minute sessions.
  • To reduce pain, Provant exposes pain sites to electromagnetic energy using an optimized energy pulse; this creates a dome-shaped therapy field.
  • Provant is typically sensation-free.

Provant® Guides and Instructions

Provant® Instructional Videos

Video on Using the Provant Therapy System

Video Demonstrating the Invisible Therapy Field